Together, we help “2” heal, one adhesive bandage at a time with our buy one, give one model.  For every adhesive bandage we sell, we donate one to resource-limited communities around the world through our partnership with Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) which empowers medical providers in developing countries with the tools they need to treat disease, deliver vaccines and other mission critical supplies to vulnerable patients, especially women and young children.


Q2 2017 Impact Report



Bandages Donated to Project C.U.R.E. to Date



Countries Impacted to Date




Help2heal bandages were included in Project C.U.R.E.’s volunteer C.U.R.E. Clinics trips to:




Patients Served in 4 Days


“The people of Haiti are so full of spirit and are so grateful for everything we do. Haitians are not used to having healthcare as part of their life, so it is a real treat to see someone come who can alleviate their pain."

- Karen Fallinger, Haiti C.U.R.E. Clinics Trip Team Lead


 How do those in resource limited communities
receive our adhesive bandages?


C.U.R.E. Kits

Suitcase sized, pre-packed kits of basic medical supplies. C.U.R.E. Kits include essential exam materials, wound care and personal hygiene items—supplies that are critical to have, yet desperately lacking in most clinics in developing countries.


Kits for Kids

Simple, powerful package, filled with personal hygiene and basic “medicine cabinet” items that are scarce in the developing world. Due to a lack of access to basic healthcare, millions of children die each year of preventable and treatable conditions. Kits for Kids is a way to provide access to these supplies.


Why do resource limited communities
need adhesive bandages?

In the developing world, the supplies and equipment empower healthcare providers and elevate the level of diagnosis, treatment, and quality care they can provide their patients— resulting in a measurable increase in access to medical services, a decrease in suffering, and most importantly—lives saved.

Help2heal’s partnership with Project C.U.R.E. brings support to refugees who have fled to Rwanda and Kenya, as well as to those lacking basic medical care who have fled from Syria. This helps mitigate the pain and suffering of refugees and conflict victims, whose lives have been ravaged.